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Automotive Visualisation with VRay for C4D

Envy Automotive Visualisation with VRay for C4D download

Envy Automotive Visualisation with VRay for C4D free download
On This page you can download Envy Automotive Visualisation with VRay for C4D  download, (video tutorial courses) with High Speed & Direct link.

And in this video tutorial course, another VRay inside Cinema 4D plugin, we want to render a complex, beautiful and stylish volume like a modern car with these two powerful software! Follow us with lighting training and car rendering.

As you know, making car materials is a bit complicated. Because in the real world, this type of material is applied in several layers on the car body, and each surface has a different texture and appearance, and we have to set and build all these complex physical properties in one VRay material. And in this course, we will do this with a special VRay material, namely VRay’s carpaint shader.

To achieve an incredibly beautiful and professional rendering, a lot of work must be done! In this project, we will do all the VRay realistic tire and alloy camera settings, camera angle adjustments, camera focal length adjustment and focal length and framing, and..

To adjust the lighting sets (lighting setups) of this beautiful model in daytime and night lighting, in the form of night studio lighting in a closed space, dark studio environment, and white studio white light, you must understand the basic concepts of HDRI lighting. Have done.

After doing these basics and learning the basic techniques, you will be able to place the 3D model of the car in a variety of natural and artificial spaces with a variety of backplate compositing backgrounds and render and composite it. All project files and scene files that Used in this training course, it is included in the download files for you dear ones. This training course is recorded in 6 parts for 5 hours.

Topics include :

  • Introducing the tutorial and abstract Intro
  • The White Studio’s day lighting training
  • Learn the basics of making VRay Carpaint Shader
  • The Black Studio Studio Night Lighting Tutorial
  • Realistic Tire And Alloy Camera Setting Prerequisites
  • Lighting training and rendering of super professional car: Cinema 4d  +V-Ray
  • Learn how to render a rendered object in real HDRI & Backplate Compositing
  • Duration: 6:00
  • Project Files: included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes
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