DOSCH Audio – China Impressions

DOSCH Audio - China Impressions download

dosch audio china impressions free download

On This page you can download DOSCH Audio – China Impressions (11 audio tracks with typical Chinese instruments), with High Speed & Direct link.

Dosch Audio: China Impressions : contains 11 Chinese / Asian-sounding pieces of music for a wide variety of applications ranging from product promotion measures and entertainment to background music at various events and films. Use these fascinating ethnic sound carpets for the acoustic enhancement of architectural visualizations, building “walk-throughs” and motion design. Each of the high-quality pieces of music can be fully listened to with the audio player provided. The audio tracks are completely GEMA and license free. This means that you will not incur any additional costs for public use. All audio tracks are available as high-quality WAV files in HiFi (44.100 kHz, 16bit stereo). This guarantees use in a professional production environment.

  • File size: 351 MB
  • File Format: high-quality WAV
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download DOSCH Audio – China Impressions

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