Flooding a City with Bifrost in Maya

digital tutors Flooding a City with Bifrost in Maya download

Flooding a City with Bifrost in Maya free download

On This page you can download digital tutors Flooding a City with Bifrost in Maya , (Video tutorial) with High Speed & Direct link.

Hello, Welcome to the City Flood Training with Bifrost in Maya.

In this training course, we will discuss the process of building a flood city where the water is flowing in the streets, using the Bifrost plug-in, which is one of the new features of Maya 2015. The capabilities of the Bifrost plug-in can work with any size and capability. Manually called its wonderful editing.

Topics of this training:

  • Introduction and summary of training
  • Understand Bifrost related tutorials
  • Prepare the scene
  • Maya water dropper Creating emitters
  • Create auxiliary objects for water collision
  • How to change the appearance of the liquid
  • Use of accelerators
  • Simulation control
  • Caching water simulation
  • Convert and convert polygon to mesh polygon to mesh
  • I set the fluids to render
  • Final rendering presentation
  • Final review and control of Maya water construction project
  • Duration: 2:00
  • Project Files: included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes
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