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Global Masterwork – Model Base Of Decoration

Global Masterwork - Model Base Of Decoration

Global Masterwork - Model Base Of Decoration

In this series of new 3DMAX – VRAY objects for interior designers, we have prepared a high quality and unique collection from Global Masterwork that have put their executive works up for sale.

In this section, we have prepared new objects called Model Base Of Decoration, which is mostly focused on the Middle East, Roman and even Iranian style, and its objects are really useful and valuable for us.

I don’t think anyone has ever heard of Archmodels objects! Despite the very good quality, they have been severely duplicated, and since they are mostly designed in a European and modern style, the scenes are very stylish and courier-free!

One of the most important features of this series that caught my eye is that for each scene, a series of special objects were prepared for it and you will not see the same object in other scenes! If Archmodels is not like that! Also, a lot of attention is paid to details, especially in the services section, which is for us Easterners !!!

The most important features of this collection are: completely new and unique, high-precision modeling, great color scheme, very high variety of objects and و, and all of them are in .max file and compatible with the rendering engine.

  • DVD 01: Contains 26 scenes of restaurant and dining interiors. All files are designed in classic style, Roman, Chinese.
  • DVD 02: Includes 28 scenes from the hotel lobby, coffee shop, and catering areas.
  • DVD 03: Contains 26 scenes from the entrance of public spaces such as hotel, restaurant and commercial and office building and combines it with the entrance and lobby.
  • DVD 04: Contains 34 scenes designed for offices, conference rooms, secretarial rooms, and more.
  • DVD 05: Contains 38 ready-made scenes for booth and exhibition decoration, art gallery and..
  • DVD 06: Includes 36 ready-made scenes for offices and companies as well as private spaces for watching TV.
  • DVD 07: Includes 44 indoor scenes from a variety of bedrooms, bathrooms, sports areas (swimming pools; billiards, tennis, bodybuilding), as well as a conference room, music and cinema halls, and elevator-designed walkways.
  • DVD 08: Contains 43 scenes from the design of the booth and showcase of gold and jewelry stores, pastry shop windows, beauty salons, clothing stores and..
  • DVD 09: Contains 30 scenes from classic and modern kitchen interiors and..
  • DVD 10: Contains 24 scenes from the dining area and combined with the kitchen.
  • DVD 11: Contains 34 different types of kitchen in a classic and modern way.
  • DVD 12: Includes 24 scenes of living and dining areas, in Iranian and European style.
  • DVD 13: Contains 32 scenes of residential interiors.
  • DVD 14: Contains 24 scenes from the bedroom with really designed and incredibly beautiful objects.
  • DVD 15: Contains 34 fully equipped master bedroom scenes.
  • DVD 16: Includes 30 fully designed bath and shower scenes.
  • DVD 17: Contains 16 internal scenes in general.

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  • File size: 50 GB
  • File format: max(Vray) + PSD
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

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