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Adobe InDesign is one of Adobe’s products in the printing and layout industry. Powerful Adobe InDesign software has outperformed almost all other competitors, and many designers are beginning to learn how to work it, which is one of the many features that, after learning about the extra-flexible features of this layout software. The usefulness of this software is its ease of use. They use Adobe InDesign software to prepare magazines, books, receipts, brochures and more. Another distinctive feature of this software that you download from SoftBook 98 is the high flexibility of this software with text-texts, as the most important thing when preparing a text-based journal is that it is easy to format templates. Or create multi-column texts. Of course, another feature that every designers will find fascinating after hearing this feature is that it exempts the designer from preparing output forms for print operation. The printing operation is ready.
Adobe InDesign One of the most popular and best known of these software is Adobe InDesign, which has been replaced by Adobe PageMaker software. The main purpose of this program is to prepare newspapers and magazines, newsletters, books, brochures, etc. which with its advanced tools provide a complete professional environment for digital publishing.
Adobe InDesign software capabilities

Very useful tool for professional design and layout
Enhance the performance of software through an environment compatible with other Adobe products
Automatically save all changes
With the changes made in this release, the best time to switch software is Adobe Page Maker users
Ability to apply transparency, creative effects, and gradient feathers in design and layout
Powerful features added to the design environment such as Multi-file Place, Quick Apply, faster
frame fitting, and the visual Pages panel
The ability to quickly and easily add tables to the table and cell styles
Support for very large documents (in terms of number of pages) plus multiple Master Pages and …
Advanced tool for searching and replacing words and design elements
Ability to get XHTML output to display output on the web
Intelligent text handling with text handling that enables texts to be imported while retaining them from Word software
Ability to add effects such as Inner Glow or Bevel and Emboss to other texts and design elements
Control layers and properties of input files from Photoshop and pdf files
Pdf output in various modes
Creating xml based dynamic documents for specific cases
Enhance the performance of this version of the software for Adobe Page Maker users
Easy access to project details via Mini Bridge panel
Simplify selection and editing of objects
Automatically add image information with Live Captions
Combine multiple pages of different sizes into one document
Manage page items using the new Layers panel
Text formatting by span across or split into columns on the fly
Manage text editing with Track Changes
Speed ​​up production by exporting PDFs in the background
Creating multipurpose objects that respond to the reader’s commands
Manage FLV and MP3 files with Media panel

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