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Autodesk Inventor Training and Tutorials : Learn how to use Inventor, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials.
Autodesk Inventor Inventor is a product of Autodesk and is a powerful program in the field of design and modeling. This program has been produced regularly since 2007, and this year, with its complete example, many old users of Autodesk and AutoCAD programs such as Mechanical Desktop have been happy because this program has all the design, mapping and modeling needs and the like. He built the instrument together. One of the features of this software is the existence of a series of construction and modeling operations for computer boards and related hardware parts. This program includes solid modeling and surfaces, which is called Part Surface Modeling. Assembly or assembly using very high features in motion simulation and welding for Connecting and mounting complex parts is practical.
Features of Autodesk Inventor software

Drawing environment
2D 2D Sketch and 3D Sketch 3D drawing environment
Part Modeling three-dimensional part design environment)
Assembly: Parts designed in the Part Modeling environment can be entered into this environment and finally assembled according to engineering plans.
Sheet Metal Parts Creating Environment
Design Accelerator: In this environment, shafts, gears, bearings, and. Are available as standard, and can also be designed by entering the data required for each part in this environment. Another feature of this environment is that fatigue analysis can be performed on the parts and the reliability coefficient and the desired results can be found, which is less than the software has such a capability.
Stress Analysis Environment: On the DVD of this software, there is also the Ansys program, so that after installing Autodesk Inventor software in the stress analysis environment, Ansys software is activated, and the parts can be loaded and a report of the analysis along with the results. Received various.
Dynamic Simulation environment: After assembling the parts, they can be entered into this environment and by giving stimulus to the set, different parameters such as speed and acceleration and… in each part can be examined and diagrams can be obtained from them.
Piping: It is used in the design of plumbing and installations and its application can be clearly seen in the oil and gas industry and..
Shooting and filming environment of inventor studio parts)
An environment in which the explosion-proof assembly assembly is created (Presentation)
Weston beam design environment and their analysis and production of various profiles
Electronic design environment that includes 1 design of electronic boards and 2 wiring of different parts of a device.

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