Substance Painter

Substance Painter 2020 designer tutorial

Substance Painter 2020 designer tutorial

Substance Painter is a 3D painting software that enables you to share your texture, render and work. With this software you can use a complete and familiar set of texture tools such as: PBR and particle painting, transparency control brush, material procedural effects, materials and smart masks. Substance Painter is a new 3D painting software that you have never seen before to create a texture for modern games. The software is available as one of the most innovative and user-friendly 3D paintings available. Select the brush, select Material and edit it if necessary, then start painting. Each move is rendered in all channels at the same time and immediately. You can also design multiple materials in one mesh with each map in 4K resolution.

Professional software to create new 3D (3D) paintings with features and features never seen before that improve the progress of a 3D drawing. Allegorithmic Substance Painter software is recognized as the most innovative and practical 3D drawing software.

Features and Features of Substance Painter Software:

  • Automatic Texting: Using integrated prisms and particles to speed up texting operations
  • Smart Materials: Create and reuse compatible materials
  • Smart Mask: Create and reuse pristine adaptive masks
  • Direct access to the material source to the material drawing interface. You can now browse the online
  • library without leaving your project and download the materials directly
  • Linux support, 8K output, color management, UDIM management and API script, Substance Painter
  • integration with VFX, easier than ever
  • Physically Display with Iray Path Tracing
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