3D Action Elements

3D Action Elements (PNG + Alpha) free download

3D Action Elements free download

3D Action Elements

This download file contains all the required files (3D action element) for special effects users, including a set of 44 types of action element video clips and footage that are necessary for composing videos and photos.

The quality of this collection of 3D Action Elements video footage is very high and realistically prepared, which you can put in your video editor timeline in (Aftereffect or Premier Pro or Final Cut software, etc.) and fit your shot. , Adjust it.

The complete set of 3D Action Elements video footage includes many items, including: bullet hole footage, bullet throw, bullet skin footage, spider web and…. Are included in this complete package.

You can download and enjoy this wonderful Footage CrateVFXAction & Horror VFX package through the following links. For free download the best collection of war-ready footage and…. Stay with us.

  • File size: 820 MB
  • Frame per second: 29.97
  • Resolution: 4K, Full HD / li
  • Video format: PNG + Alpha
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

3D Action Elements


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