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On This page you can download ARCHICAD 23 Essential Training video course from Lynda with High Speed & Direct link.

ArchiCAD is an accurate tool for designing buildings. It is a professional tool for architects that has tools, and ready-made components such as walls, ceilings, doors, windows and other components of a ready-made building that you can save time by using. You can use this software to design a complete building and then use the program features that include 3D viewing, day and night light changes, etc. Check out the final design. One of the unique features of this software is the automatic creation of three-dimensional volume of a project after its 2D design. This software is a product of the famous Graphisoft company.

by the end of this course, you Learned how to use ARCHICAD 23, a tool used by architects in the architecture-engineering-construction (AEC) industry for designing buildings from concept to construction.

Topics include:

  • Navigating an ARCHICAD project
  • Setting up working units and stories
  • Importing drawings
  • Modeling walls, slabs, doors, and windows
  • Grouping and ungrouping objects
  • Creating sections and elevations
  • Working with dimensions
  • Publishing drawings
  • Modeling and documenting detailed designs
  • Level : Beginner
  • Duration: 8h 6m
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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