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Arroway – Design | Craft Vol.3 (Heavy Fabrics)

Arroway – Design | Craft Vol.3 (Heavy Fabrics) download

Arroway – Design | Craft Vol.3 (Heavy Fabrics) free download

Arroway – Design | Craft Vol.3 (Heavy Fabrics) Revamped

Introducing a comprehensive assortment of 50 fabric textures encompassing a diverse array of types and styles, Arroway’s Design | Craft Vol.3 (Heavy Fabrics) collection is thoughtfully curated. Our primary focus has been on standard fabric types, allowing us to craft textures of remarkable versatility that lend themselves seamlessly to a myriad of customization possibilities.

Texture Highlights:

  • 50 distinct fabric textures
  • Inclusive of diffuse, normal, bump, reflectivity, translucency*, opacity*, and anisotropy* maps (*applicable to select textures)
  • Each material boasts 15 or more color variations, resulting in a grand total of 751 variations
  • Generous coverage of 100 cm x 100 cm per material
  • Map resolution set at an impressive 8000px x 8000px, exceeding 200dpi
  • High-quality JPEG format for diffuse maps; lossless compressed PNG format for all other maps
  • A comprehensive collection comprising 1038 .png and .jpg files

Material Offerings:

  • Pre-configured material setups tailored for Corona Renderer™ (compatible with 3ds Max™ 2020+)
  • Material variants accommodating translucent/opaque and normal/displacement mapping, totaling 2884 materials


  • Size: 31 GB
  • File format: Jpg + png + .mat (only for corona)


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