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[Free] V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros

Chaos V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros free download

Chaos V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros free download

Download Chaos V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros for Windows with installation instructions.

V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros plugin has been released as a way to visualize the creative thoughts and visualizations of visualization professionals! To create high-quality images and renderings that are completely parallel to the real world with unparalleled realism.

This plugin is designed based on Robert McNeel & Associates’ Rhinoceros international standard, which is one of the most popular Windows modeling tools based on NURBS modeling.

Rhino users, from all walks of life; From engineering and commercial product design to 3D animation creators, all of them agree that VRay plugin is completely fast, simple and affordable, and it is unique cutting-edge images.

In the new VRay 3 plugin rendering system for Rhino, advanced and new features have been considered. These improvements, in summary, in lights, materials, textures, possibilities to work on 3D models, frame buffer, and The new options are mostly for using the graphics card for previewing in the scene and ViewPort.

Added features V-Ray plugin for Rhinoceros V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros

  • New material V-Ray Material Wrapper
    Special materials for V-Ray Material
    Animation Support animation feature
    HDR Light Studio Live Support
    The possibility of using V-Ray Express
    Support for VRMats Library standard materials
    Using new technology for 64-bit rendering
    Saving presets for rendering Rendering Presets
    Ability to save settings ready for Camera Presets
    Using GPU technology for previewing in V-Ray RT viewports
    And …

The latest features of V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros:

  • Advanced Image Sampler
  • Improved calculation of light capital
  • New user interface for V-Ray Rhino
  • Standard Deviation Sampling (VBAS)
  • New option for VRscene output
  • Faster rendering of dynamic geometry and VRayProxy objects
  • A slider to control the quality of providers
  • One Click Render for VR Cubic with Stereoscopic
  • A slider to control the exposure of the camera
  • The Intel Embree option has also been added to the V-Ray plugin
  • Prevention of light leakage in the Light Cache reflection calculation engine
  • Maximum ray intensity to prevent firefly in very bright areas
  • Rendering buckets are dynamically divided Dynamic Bucket
  • Automatic sampling of light and materials – eliminating the need to manually adjust subsections
  • More Emcatan for GI reflector, better light diffusion, and more natural lighting of indoor scenes
  • Ray tracing technology: Introducing significant optimizations for the ray tracing core. It enhances all calculations
  • for GI brute force, advanced path tracking, reflections, refractions, etc.

Chaos V-Ray 6.00.02 (x64) for Rhinoceros

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