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DOSCH Audio - Dosch Music download

DOSCH Audio - Dosch Music free download

On This page you can download DOSCH Audio – Dosch Music(collection of more than 200 loopable music themes) with High Speed & Direct link. with arrangements in several variations for each style.

Get extensive and high quality collection of over 200 loopable pieces of music, suitable for use in a wide variety of areas (synchronization of films, multimedia projects, video sound, radio broadcasts … etc.).

This guarantees use in a professional production environment. Styles: Ambient, Break-Beat, Classic, Drum’n Bass, Dance, Dramatic, House, Hybrid, Swing, Techno, HipHop Different tempos of the pieces of music Different moods All music passages are cut for loops.

The pieces were masterfully mastered, ie processed individually with special plugins for panorama broadening and increasing the subjective volume.

  • File size: 470 MB
  • File Format: high-quality WAV
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download DOSCH Audio – Dosch Music

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