DOSCH Audio – Dosch Sounds

DOSCH Audio - Dosch Sounds download full version

DOSCH Audio - Dosch Sounds free download

On This page you can download DOSCH Audio – Dosch Sounds, (Over 200 sound effects for use in film, multimedia, radio, video, presentations, etc) with High Speed & Direct link.

Dosch Sounds contains over 200 sound effects for use in a wide variety of areas (film, multimedia, radio, video, presentations, computer games, etc.). Very atmospheric effects that enhance your media production and create the right atmosphere. The sound effects are completely GEMA and license free. All sound effects are available as high quality WAV files (44.100 kHz, 16bit stereo). This guarantees use in a professional production environment. 20 atmospheric sounds 31 atmospheric loops 72 “one shot sounds” (for typical mouse clicks etc.) 35 sound effects 30 musical themes (e.g. for accentuation) 27 voice effects

  • 27 voice-effects
  • 35 sound-effects
  • 20 atmospheric sounds
  • 31 atmospheric sound-loops
  • 30 musical themes (to accentuate)
  • 72 one shot sounds (for typical mouse-clicks etc.)


  • File size: 334 MB
  • File Format: high-quality WAV
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download DOSCH Audio – Dosch Sounds

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