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lynda Furniture Design with Rhino download

lynda Furniture Design with Rhino free download

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In this series of Rhino 3D tutorials on the use of Rhino in architecture and 3D modeling of Rhino 3D, we want to teach Rhino techniques and tricks for architectural engineering such as interior and exterior design, furniture, and so on.

Hello and welcome to Furniture Design with Rhino 3D. My name is Jon Racek and I use Rhino in my own design work. Over the years I’ve developed techniques that have streamlined my design process. In this course, I’m going to walk you through that process and provide all sorts of tips and tricks along the way. We’re going to start by taking a look at some of the fundamental concepts behind furniture design. Next, we’ll examine some important works in the history of furniture design, and we’ll design our own chairs inspired by those historical works.

Building upon this knowledge, we’ll go through the design process of creating our own chairs from scratch, and we’ll talk about the variety of ways to export that design preparing it for a photo realistic render, a 3D print, or for game development such as a unity asset. So let’s dive in to Furniture Design with Rhino.

  • Duration: 2h 25m
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

lynda Furniture Design with Rhino


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