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On This page you can download hair tutorial cinema 4d, (Video tutorial) with High Speed & Direct link.

In this series of 3D modeling tutorials and special effects of Ford Cinema, we want to do hair simulation (Cinema 4D Tutorial hair objects).

For this tutorial, first of all, we will do a three-dimensional model of a squirrel, and then we will perform the appropriate texture steps for its model, as well as adjust the scale of the textures, and then the hair and wool simulation process on that hair module model.

The art of hair to put animals on the computer is a very complicated process, but in Cinemaford it is very simple, in this tutorial you will fully learn how to work with the hair module. I always wanted to make wonderful animals like tigers, bears and then a squirrel, this is very common seen in movies.

The effect of hair can also be introduced to people and objects. All you have to do is check if you have your hair module with your 4D cinema.

These principles and techniques are the same for many models, and as a result, can be used to simulate Cinnamon hair for other animals such as bears and tigers, and human hair.

  • Duration: 3:16
  • Project Files: included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

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