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Modeling Lighting and Rendering Interior Visualizations in 3ds Max

pluralsight Modeling Lighting and Rendering Interior Visualizations in 3ds Max free download

Modeling Lighting and Rendering Interior Visulizations in 3ds Max free download

On This page you can download pluralsight Modeling Lighting and Rendering Interior Visualizations in 3ds Max, (Video tutorial) with High Speed & Direct link.

Vray lighting and rendering training: In this training, we will do the interior modeling of a house completely and in high detail. We will learn the basic methods of making fast and effective lighting modeling. We start our modeling in 3ds Max software environment. With V-ray rendering engine, we will get high quality renderings and finally we will do v-ray output renders in Photoshop post-production and post-processing environment.

At the end of this course you will be able to do the whole process of post production, modeling, lighting, rendering for your projects very quickly. by the end of this training course you learned how create a detailed interior scene from start to finish

  • Settings and scene preparation for 3D Max
  • Learning to build interior walls
  • Edit and change on interior walls
  • Construction of roof and floor
  • Construction and modeling of inscriptions and baseboards
  • Entrance door frame modeling
  • Build consoles on windows
  • Complete console modeling
  • Desk modeling
  • Modeling interior pendant lighting
  • Complete the pendants
  • Modeling lamps on the table
  • Add details to the lighting
  • Complete table lighting modeling
  • Edit in-scene objects
  • Start modeling the kitchen
  • Detail modeling training in the kitchen
  • Add details to the pieces inside the kitchen
  • Making carpet
  • Modeling of furniture and furnishings
  • Start making and editing create materials
  • Making wallpaper material – interior walls
  • Making glossy chrome materials
  • Making gold material
  • Editing and Detailing Textures Detailing our materials
  • Wooden table material
  • Kilim material and carpet inside the corridor
  • Architecture interior lighting 3ds max interior lighting
  • Settings for 3D Max internal camera rendering
  • Special settings for the internal rendering box
  • Final production post and rendering
  • Duration: 3:20
  • Project Files: included
  • Instant download high speed : Yes
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