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Poliigon – 4K Collection

Poliigon - 4K Collection

Poliigon - 4K Collection

Poliigon – 4K Collection: Architectural COLLECTIONS

One of the most important factors for having high quality renderings; Having high quality textures and 4K resolution with well-defined settings in the rendering box.

On this page, we have prepared a collection of textures with maximum 4K quality from Poliigon company for you, which includes a wide range of ready-made textures and textures that provide you with textures with a resolution of 4000 pixels.

Poliigon company has produced more than 1000 different materials and has all the required textures with it. Therefore, you will not need any peripherals when using them. That number will surely increase over time.

This is a very powerful collection of professional textures for CG designers, game developers, architectural simulators; Architectural animation and…. It is useful. Of course, using this package; You can make more complex textures yourself, such as: sidewalk textures; Make different types of flooring, desert and dry earth textures, earthy textures and..

Poliigon 4K Collection graphic package is one of the products of this company, including:

  • Rock
  • Wood texture
  • Concrete material
  • Types of Hashur Patterns
  • Types of metal textures
  • Fabric materials
  • Rust Rust Metal
  • Metal Grills
  • Overlays texture
  • Sand material
  • Snow snow surface material
  • Types of Tiles Textures
  • Brick and brick wall material
  • Wall Paint Wallpaper Texture
  • Ground surface materials
  • Materials for urban spaces and City living space

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دانلود رایگان کالکشن تکسچر زمین با کیفیت Poliigon 4K Collection

دانلود رایگان کالکشن تکسچر زمین با کیفیت Poliigon 4K Collection

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