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Rhino: Animation with Bongo

Rhino: Animation with Bongo free download

lynda Rhino: Animation with Bongo

On This page you can download Rhino: Animation with Bongo video course from Lynda with High Speed & Direct link.

welcome to Animation with Rhino and Bongo. Using my personal design projects, the Fish Eye Frame and the Zoomerang Pavillion, I’ll cover some powerful and surprisingly straightforward techniques for creating beautiful animations. These animations can then help you communicate your designs to others who will be far more impressed with your work than others who only show still images. I’ll start off the course by covering how we set up a scene and place our camera, whether it’s fixed for a product turntable, or we’re moving along a path for architectural animation.

Then, I’ll highlight the process of creating Keyframes used to generate animated motion. We’ll then get a little nerdy and enhance our presentation with simple 2D animations, like panning and zooming. Finally, I’ll cut through all of the technical confusion surrounding audio and video compression, and give you a short set of steps to make great looking and sounding video every time. Of course we also cover ways to share these videos online. We’ll be covering all these features plus lots of my personal tips and tricks, all while making animating and compositing more fun than you would ever guess.

Okay then, let’s get rolling with our course, Animation with Rhino and Bongo.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to take your design presentations to the next level by animating them with motion, using Rhino and the V-Ray and Bongo plugins.

Rhino: Animation with Bongo Topics include:

  • Installing and setting up Bongo
  • Planning your workflow and storyboarding
  • Creating the turntable animation
  • Setting up a camera path
  • Animating a sequence of stills
  • Compositing in After Effects
  • Exporting and sharing your animation
  • Duration: 2h 26m
  • Level : Advanced
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

Download Rhino: Animation with Bongo

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