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Texturing and Shading for Games (Updated)

CGMaster Academy – Texturing and Shading for Games (Updated) download

CGMaster Academy – Texturing and Shading for Games free download

On This page you can download: Texturing and Shading for Games, video course from CGMaster Academy with High Speed & Direct link.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to creating real-time physically based materials 3d enrollments for Game Development.

The objective of this course is to teach students how to create materials and textures for video games in Unreal Engine 4. Students will also learn high level concepts of material creation, such as what makes a good material and how to create modular materials; modularity saves time and makes materials easier to edit, iterate, and optimize. Once finished, students will be able to take the skills they’ve learned and apply them knowledge of UE4 concepts, shader functions, and math to other materials not covered in the course. By the end of the course, students will have made these master materials (which they can then carry on to use for mostly all future scenarios when creating scenes in Unreal or other node-based editors): prop material, layered material, refraction material, wind material, hologram material, terrain and architectural material, mesh decal material, and foliage material.

  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

CGMaster Academy – Texturing and Shading for Games (Updated) – Download


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