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Total Textures V10R2 – Trees . Plants

Total Textures V10:R2 – Trees & Plants

Download Total Textures V10R2 – Trees & Plants

on this page, you can Download Total Textures V10R2 – Trees & Plants collection, that Contains trees and plant life textures is made with excellent quality, realism and exceptional appearance Package . Ready to use in your 3d Architectural Projects, Animations, Game design, virtual reality and more …

We have a complete set of materials for different tree and plant parts collection trees – plant life textures. For example textures and materials for tree shells, leaves, all kinds of branches and leaves and tree stumps, all collected and photographed during a year. In this way the types of trees can be categorized and each of them has a separate material design for each season and also includes a complete set of evergreen trees that give you all sorts of features so you can Bring your three-dimensional life to life.

In this unique collection of Total Textures V10: R2 – Trees & Plants, all trees are manually painted and all of them have a very precise and accurate alpha map map. maps can fit into any 3D scene. Simply apply a simple map polygon or any two-dimensional page like Photoshop.

Total Textures V10R2 – Trees & Plants included are bark, bushes, grasses, leaves, shrubs and stumps which have been photographed over a one year period .


Total Textures V10R2 - Trees . PlantsTotal Textures V10R2 - Trees . Plants

Total Textures V10R2 – Trees & Plants have been painted out of their original backgrounds by hand, giving each one a perfect alpha map. This allows the tree maps to be inserted into any 3D scene by applying the tree map to a single polygon or they can be dropped onto a new layer in any 2D scene (in Photoshop for example).

The collection also features a variety of additional tileable textures, such as bark and grass – and most of them are designed with separate alpha maps.

The collection also features 187 types of trees, live plant plans, and grass-bark textures and grass-bark textures, each featuring an alpha map and a mask, and 50 hand-painted hand-painted images for the scene. The unrealistic and cartoon ones are great .

Download Total Textures V10R2 - Trees & Plants

contains the following:

Painted textures
• 16 Autumn trees
• 16 Summer trees
• 5 Winter trees
• 4 Evergreen trees
• 9 miscellaneous shrubs, bushes and plants

Photographic textures
• 9 Spring trees
• 17 Summer trees
• 14 Autumn trees
• 12 Winter trees
• 11 Evergreens
• 11 bushes
• 13 grass textures
• 14 leaves
• 20 shrubs
• 3 tree stumps
• 13 bark textures

Product details

  • Texture format : .tiff
  • Average texture resolution : 1,500 – 2,800 pixels
  • Software : Compatible with all 3D software packages
  • Format : Digital Download

Download Total Textures V10R2 – Trees . Plants


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