ِDownload ZBrush Training & Tutorials

ِDownload ZBrush Training & Tutorials

On This Page, You can Buy & Download ZBrush video tutorials to enhance the skills of Paint in 3D and sculpt objects.

Pixologic ZBrush In the modern cinematic world, ZBrush software is used today to build most cartoon characters and characters. This powerful software is a product of Pixologic company in the production of 3D images that you will have more freedom and possibilities in your designs. This software is a professional application for making animation and using it in cartoon animations and 3D movies and games. In this software, different types of brushes for scratches, textures, corrosion, etc., are available to you to use in the design and design of 3D sculpture (or natural 3D engraving), and You can also view and edit your model in real-time from any angle.

Different topics of ZBrush software such as 3D texture making, how to use 3D brush or Pixologic application to export models and texture maps. Other key features of this software include the ability to use Mesh Morphing tools, image and volume optimization tools, the last step back tool, the ability to store output images in 3ds, html, swf and more.

Pixologic ZBrush software capabilities

  • Rendering in single frame or animation mode
  • Create 3D images without background
  • Ability to insert different images for use in 3D image
  • High power in rendering images
  • Real time previews during design
  • Usability of Mesh Morphing Tools
  • Image and volume optimization tools
  • Save output images in 3ds, html, swf formats
  • Tool returned to last step
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