2d people

viz-people Kids v4

viz people Kids v4

viz-people Kids v4 (viz people cut out people)

Download Best 2d people Kids for arch viz : One of the rarest packages of ready-made human images is the images of children doing social activities, games, and so on. Childrens life, such as outdoor play, children’s group play; Playing with toys, kites, toys, etc. There are about 700 images with high resolution and high resolution photos, which includes all children’s situations.

If you are looking for a package of two-dimensional objects with great looking kids photos, this collection is exactly for you. You can easily post in your architectural posters; Use these images during post-production.

Kids v4 is our most sophisticated cut out kids collection. Deliver 677 beautiful images of children in multiple activities.

viz-people Kids v4

  • File Format : PNG
  • Download : Pdf catalog
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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