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[Free] viz-people – service v1

viz-people – service v1


viz-people – service v1

On this page, you can download another two-dimensional texturing package of the company (Viz People – cut out Service 1), which is another wonderful collection of 454 types of photos of human characters performing various services and different professions.

In the Viz People – cut out Service 1 collection, you can find human characters working in the restaurant, pilot and guest carrier carrying luggage at the airport, typed human characters, drinking coffee, nursing characters, human characters participating in the exhibition. International and Introduction of Services, Human Personality with Clothes Post Office Officer with Relevant Clothes, Personalization of Acting Construction Workers…. Is.

In the two-dimensional texturing package for Viz People – cut out Service 1 post production post, all photos in all different positions such as: standing, walking, and uncluttered and include male and female characters in 2 series with day lighting with Very high accuracy of photography.

viz-people – service v1

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  • File Format : PSD + PNG + Pdf
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