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[Free] VrayScatter for Maya

VrayScatter for Maya v4.608 Win x64

VrayScatter for Maya v4.608 Win x64

VrayScatter for Maya allows the V-Ray rendering plugin to create a large 3D models consecutively, for example, using this plugin, you can create a huge forest area or large cities that include Create infinite builds with just a few clicks.

Doing this with VRayScatter is much faster than before and the rendering time is significantly reduced, and this process – that is, creating multiple copies of an object – will be accompanied by optimal management of the use of RAM and other system resources. To experience fast and effortless rendering.

Key features of the VRayScatter plugin:

– Create and scatter a huge sequence of VRayProxy on the surface
– Creating many copies of an object in series
– Fast rendering and optimal use of RAM
– Random change of objects (by changing the scale/size and rotation/angle)
– Distribution of objects based on bitmap or procedural maps
– Real-time preview of objects location
– Animated VRayProxy support
– VRayScatterTexture tool
– And …

VrayScatter for Maya v4.608 Win x64

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