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3ds Max 2018: Mastering UVW Mapping

Lynda – 3ds Max 2018: Mastering UVW Mapping download

Lynda – 3ds Max 2018: Mastering UVW Mapping free download

On This page you can download 3ds Max 2018: Mastering UVW Mapping video course from Lynda with High Speed & Direct link.

welcome to our course on UVW mapping in 3ds Max. My name is Joel Bradley, and I’m excited to be working through this material with you. The exercises that we will look at here will not only introduce us to but also show us how we can work with the extensive range of UVW mapping tools that can be found in the 3ds Max application. To help us get up to speed as quickly as possible, we will in our first chapter cover some basics as regards both UVW mapping in general, as well as the tool options and workflows that are available in 3ds Max, including the powerful UVW Map Modifier.

In Chapter Two, we will take a close look at the source mapping options that are found on Max’s bit map and procedural map nodes, focusing closely on the differing results produced when mapping onto both static and animated mashes. In Chapter Three, we will begin working with perhaps the most powerful option of all in 3ds Max’s UV mapping arsenal, this being the Unwrap UVW modifier. Here we will pay particular attention to the options and controls found on the modifier itself, such as the Selection, Peel, and Pelt mapping tools, and we will dig even deeper into Max’s mapping tools in Chapter Four and work with the options found inside the UV Editor window, and then for the final set of exercises, we will take a look at 3ds Max’s Blended Box mapping tools, seeing how we can create extremely usable textures on objects that have not had traditional UV mapping coordinates applied to them.

As we clearly have plenty of learning ahead of us, let’s move on and get started with our course.

3ds Max 2018: Mastering UVW Mapping Topics include:

  • UVW coordinates
  • UV space
  • Working with the UVW Map modifier and UVW gizmo
  • World space vs. object space
  • Peel mapping and pelt mapping
  • Reshaping UV elements
  • Smoothing and relaxing UVs
  • Rendering UV layouts
  • Blending seams with the Blended Box Map
  • Duration: 2h 31m
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download 3ds Max 2018: Mastering UVW Mapping

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