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Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques

shlece Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques download

shlece Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques free download

On This page you can download shlece Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques, (3D Models / Kitchen) with High Speed & Direct link.

In this series of 3ds max applications and Vray plugin in architecture, we want to focus on creating vegetation green space and architectural landscaping scenes during 8 hours. And we will follow the principles of landscape design and landscape architecture garden.

During this period, we make all the natural elements found in nature such as: rocks, water and moss mosses, ivies ivy and modern pavilions and.. And we will simulate and render several different types of green space with realistic modeling, materialization and realistic shaders.

Maya learning in architecture:
We will also create other architectural landscaping elements, such as fountains, using dynamic effects, such as V-Ray displacement. Also, natural elements in the garden, such as wooden fences, lamps and We will design and render the facades of buildings and for you dear ones.

No rendering will be beautiful without post processing! For this tutorial, we will output all the rendering elements and composite them carefully. For rendering, we will use Veri rendering engine for Maya, for post-production from Photoshop, for composite after effect and tip.

  • 01.Creating vegetations with shaders in Maya
  • 02.The Hill scene
  • 03.Compositing in Photoshop(TheHillScene)
  • 04.DOF in After FX(TheHillScene)
  • 05.Creating cutouts using V-ray displacement
  • 06.Rock generation in Vue
  • 07.Ivy generation
  • 08.Moss generation
  • 09.Water simulation in Maya
  • 10.Shading and rendering(ThePoolScene)
  • 11.Compositing The pool(Nuke and Photoshop)
  • 12.Bonus
  • Duration: 8h 31m
  • softwars: 3ds max, Maya, Vue, V-ray, Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

shlece Advanced Architectural Landscaping Techniques


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