Playing with Fire Through Photo Manipulation

Playing with Fire Through Photo Manipulation free download

Playing with Fire Through Photo Manipulation Download

On This page you can download Playing with Fire Through Photo Manipulation video course from, High Speed & Direct link.

Creating a Flame Effect on Photoshop Images: In this Photoshop training course, we want to apply, and enhance, the effect of flames on a woman’s image. We will begin our business process by reviewing the original photo and the preparation process.

Follow along with me to learn some great techniques for adding flame to an image in Photoshop, creating a fire effect in Photoshop, creating a burning effect on the image, creating amazing action with Photoshop Cc.

Now we want to have some fun with Photoshop. Next, we will look at a flame image and how we can wrap it around the hair of a female with a free transform tool. Then copy the desired image with the clone tool and We’ll move the texture to the rest. Then enter the second image to simulate the illusion of molten cracked skin. Finally, by painting and using the brush tool, we will enhance the different parts of the image detail and adjust the adjustment layer.By learning these methods and techniques in this tutorial, you will be able to fire an ordinary photo completely and have a lot of fun.

By The End of This training Course, you learned examining our original photo and walking through some specific steps to prepare it before blocking in any photographic elements or textures

  • Level : intermediate
  • Duration: 2h 13m
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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