DOSCH HDRI: Nature V1 – V3

Download DOSCH HDRI: Nature V1 - V3

DOSCH HDRI: Nature V1 – V3

With this HDR graphics package of natural landscapes and forests, DOSCH DESIGN HDRI Nature Vol 1 to 3 allows you to enter color information for more precise lighting into your 3D scenes and use it as a lighting object in Radio City scenes ( radiosity-scenes) and create a new realistic degree

The Dosch HDRI graphics package provides a rich and complete library of high-quality direct and indirect lighting effects in all 3D-design and animation software

It saves 3D-designer technology from precisely manually defining multiple light sources as well as long trials by selecting color and light volume.HDRi also contains information on whether a direct light source (eg sun, spot light) is defined by shadow – or there is a sky light / blue light with dim light and a “soft” shade.

But also the color spectrum of the actual scene (environment) has a great impact on the virtual object or scene. For example, the color of things (eg trees, grass, forest land) in the surroundings, affects the appearance of the 3D model presented. Likewise, the fiery red of a sunset cloud will create a realistic mood of such an event in reality.

Doschdesign DHRI natural , various natural scenes are provided in the most widely used formats:

  • Light-Probe (Angular Map)
  • Spherical Map (Latitude-Longitude)
  • Vertical-Cross
  • Horizontal-Cross
  • Total size: 820 MB
  • file format : HDRI
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

Download DOSCH HDRI: Nature V1 – V3


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