Download DOSCH DESIGN - DOSCH HDRI: Surroundings


In this series of HD files for 3ds max and Vray plugin and many 3D-applications like:  Lightwave, Maya & Mentalray, Cinema4D ,…, product of German company doschdesign, we have downloaded the extremely valuable environmental and invertebrate files for your loved ones.

The package includes 31 HDRI images from a variety of landscapes such as: natural environment, open and green landscapes, residential landscapes, etc. which, like other HDri files, are of high quality and high resolution.

The compatibility of this space is very high and you can use them in Spherical Map Spherical Map, Light-Probe Angular Map, and Vertical-Cross Vertical Cross sections. In fact, you can use all the professional 3D applications like Use these files (High Dynamic Range Image) to enhance rendering quality, image brightness and excellent reflections using 3ds max, Maya, Cinema4D, ….  which use Radiosity technology.

DOSCH HDRI: Surroundings is a valuable source of HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) environments. The 31 high-quality HDR images of various technical reflection effects are provided in the most widely used formats:

  • Light-Probe (Angular Map)
  • Spherical Map (Latitude-Longitude)
  • Vertical-Cross
  • Download Pdf
  • Total size: 6.5 GB
  • file format : HDRI
  • Resolution Light-Probe :- 4096×4096, 2048×2048, 512×512 pixel
  • Resolution Spherical Map : 10,000 x 5,000, 6248×3124, 2048×1024 pixel
  • Resolution Vertical-Cross : 4686 x 6248 pixel
  • Resolution Horizontal-Cross : 6248 x 4686 pixel
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

Download DOSCH DESIGN – DOSCH HDRI: Surroundings


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