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[Free] Dungeon Architect (UE) v2.28.0 (5.1)

Unreal Engine asset – Dungeon Architect v5.1

Unreal Engine asset – Dungeon Architect v5.1
Unreal Engine asset – Dungeon Architect v5.1

Stage design or level creation is one of the most time-consuming steps in game development, which includes importing all assets and arranging and placing them, etc. In this section, we would like to introduce you the Dragon Architect Dungeon Architect plugin, which simplifies the level creation process installed on the Unreal Engine extends the UE4 Editor.

The Dungeon Architect v5.1 plugin, which is a work of Unreal Engine company, can help you in the design of vast game levels with a few simple clicks. Use the design time engine or runtime.

With this plugin, you can easily design the design layout of levels manually. And it has very good art controllers with custom editor tools such as: paintbrush tool, volume select Volumes, etc. and this plugin automatically builds the environment around it.

With this plugin, you can create the look and feel of the game stage with the Graph based Theme Editor tool. And it automatically creates all 3D models of meshes, players, actors, crowd, and other surrounding objects such as walls around walls, floors, doors, stairs, etc.

Theme files are saved as separate assets and in this way you can use them in other projects.

The Dungeon Architect plugin has good expandability and provides you with various extension points and you can have blueprint based logics at different levels for yourself. For example, in Selectors, Transformers and Marker Emitters and…

Unreal Engine asset – Dungeon Architect v5.1

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