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[Free] Unreal Engine Marketplace – NeoFur 4.12

Unreal Engine Marketplace – NeoFur 4.12

Unreal Engine Marketplace – NeoFur 4.12

NeoFur Indie plugin is one of the best plugins designed to simulate 3D geometry simulation models of hair and short fibers that can be displayed as an instant update in real-time fur views.

This plugin is made for two professional game engines in the world, namely Unity and Unreal Engine, and on this page we present the special version of NeoFur Indie UE4 engine. Working with NeoFur Indie UE4 plugin is very easy and simulation simulation is fast in It is very fast.

NeoFur 2.1 for UE4 is a plugin with advanced coding that has been developed for multiple platforms in the world. NeoFur plugin for mobile, PC gaming, VR/AR virtual reality games, VFX special effects and other applications. Cinematic applications are fully compatible!

You can also use this real-time engine to create games and non-game creations such as Architectural Visualizations simulations, Educational training exercises and fuzzy surfaces for your character or environment design.

Unreal Engine Marketplace plugin features – NeoFur 4.12

  • It has more than materials
  • Drag-and-drop selection compatibility
  • Spline & morph support
  • Compatible with Coloring and shadowing technology
  • CPU emulation for low-end platforms
  • Compatible with Windows 64-bit, Linux, Mac OSX
  • Advanced shaders of hair shading. Such as: motion blur, strand-driven physics; Undercoat/Overcoat

Unreal Engine Marketplace – NeoFur 4.12

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