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Lynda – Grasshopper Essential Training Download

On This page you can download Grasshopper Essential Training (Updated: 10.26.2018), video course from Lynda, with High Speed & Direct link.

Hi, I’m Chris Reilly. I’m an artist, designer, and programmer, and I’m focused on using algorithmic modeling to make useful, interesting, and complex designs. In this course, we’ll harness the power of parametric design in Grasshopper to make 3D models that are sophisticated yet highly flexible and use programming techniques to let software take some of the grunt work out of our design tasks. I’ll help you smooth the transition from Rhino to Grasshopper, using algorithmic design techniques. We’ll use plugins to customize Grasshopper and help do things like model climate data or make your own custom Python scripts.

We’ll look at how to generate geometric patterns that automatically tessellate and develop flexible product designs for mass production. Mastering algorithmic modeling techniques can open up a whole new world of design possibilities, no matter what your focus is. Let’s get started.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to Create more sophisticated and flexible 3D models with Grasshopper, an algorithmic modeling plugin for Rhino 3D.

Grasshopper Essential Training Topics include:

  • Working with algorithms
  • Modeling a base profile
  • Extruding elements
  • Finishing an algorithm
  • Planning for mass production
  • Customizing Grasshopper
  • Scripting with Python and Visual Basic .NET
  • Modeling data with Ladybug
  • Creating a tiling grid
  • Tiling 3D objects
  • Using reflection symmetry and mirroring to repeat tile
  • Tessellating tile in any direction
  • Duration: 6h 24m
  • Skill Level : Beginner
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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