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[Free] Happy Digital AutoGrass for 3ds Max

Happy Digital AutoGrass 1.50 for 3ds Max 2013 to 2020 Win

Happy Digital AutoGrass for 3ds Max

With the Happy Digital AutoGrass 1.50 for 3ds Max 2013 to 2020 Win plugin, you can create different types of green spaces in just a few clicks with a super fast rendering time. Unfortunately, all of them have a relatively high rendering time, especially in animation and large projects, and they also require accurate rendering. The happy-digital company understood this need and designed the Autograss plugin specifically for this purpose.

The most important Autograss plugin feature:

1- Extremely low rendering time due to optimization of CPU usage and making the grass look virtual compared to the camera (only the surface that is seen in the Viewports).

2- It is of excellent quality and does not have computer uniformity and dryness on wide surfaces. It is necessary to spend a lot of time to adjust the measurements of the grass and the soil under it – the length of the grass – the thickness of the stem – the state of falling and… it is not there.

3- After installing in the form of a catalog, the tool bar is loaded in Max and it is enough to click on the desired grass so that the plugin applies all the necessary settings. To optimize rendering time, the Autograss plugin has twelve types of grass with 3 quality Creates a virtual viewport.


Feature summary

  • Advanced memory management
  • Unlimited grass in your scenes
  • Fast, multi-threaded rendering
  • Eleven grass type presets
  • Twelve grass material presets
  • Four earth material presets
  • Adjustable variation
  • Density mapping
  • Length mapping
  • Cutoff mapping
  • Thatch mapping
  • Direction mapping


Happy Digital AutoGrass 1.50 for 3ds Max (2013 to 2020) Win

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