Best 15 Light Leak Effect Photoshop Action

Best 15 Light Leak Effect Photoshop Action free donload

Best 15 Light Leak Effect Photoshop Action free donload

Best 15 Light Leak Effect Photoshop Action

15 Light Leak Actions is a pack for Adobe Photoshop wich was created on CS4 version so it is also compatible for CS5, CS6 and CC. This action pack contains professional light adjustments to give your photos a glamour effect.

**Details about the actions:**

-The actions are fully editable, this pack is a non-destructive one so your image will remain intact and this gives you even more freedom to adjust every effect as you wish

-All the adjustments are grouped in a folder ( in photoshop ) so you can easy toggle view on and off to see the applied effect better.

-In the .atn file there are 15 actions.


-Do not use this actions on smart object
-This actions only work on RGB 8Bit collors
-Make sure that your layer is rasterized.

The actions will not absolutely fit perfect to every image so you have to adjust some settings to create the effect you want.

This Photoshop action is related to the Light Leak Photoshop Actions effect, and if you like, use a shortcut to create this beautiful effect; You can use this Envato Elements bundle. We have put everything you need in this download file for you.

The actions of this bundle contain professional lighting settings, and are completely editable and non-destructive, and the original image remains undamaged and will give you more freedom in adjusting any effect. Light Leak Actions Photoshop You can easily apply one of the beautiful and attractive light leak effects to your images.

In the real world ; The effect of light leakage (vintage film) by the effect of light leakage is usually created by the aperture in film cameras.

To use, note the following:

  • File format: 1xATN
  • File size: 7.68 KB
  • Photoshop version: CS4 and above
  • Remember not to apply these actions to smart objects.
  • These actions work well on RGB 8Bit color mode images.
  • Many times an action on your image may not work and you need to manually edit it a bit to get 100% of the effect you want

Best 15 Light Leak Effect Photoshop Action


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