Lighting a Car with V-Ray in Maya

Lighting a Car with V-Ray in Maya free download

Lighting a Car with V-Ray in Maya Download

On This page you can download Lighting a Car with V-Ray in Maya video course, with High Speed & Direct link.

Vray + NUKE car composite rendering: In this series of Maya tutorials on composite rendering, we are going to apply lighting techniques to render a car with a Maya wafer, and then combine render with a real photo with NUKE software.

For best composites, you need professional lighting with advanced lighting techniques, true shadows, depth of field and true reflections, usually made with HDRI image based lighting, and so on. its necessary. We start with this project with the correct HDR settings in Maya. We put a page under the machine and wrap the Maya output rendering with a real image using the precomps / lighting comps tool at the tip. Follow me on Maya car animation rendering training with Maya and Maya + V-Ray + NUKE software.

By The End of This training Course, you learned techniques involved in lighting a car using V-Ray, Maya, and NUKE. Software required: Maya 2014, V-Ray 2.4 for Maya, NUKE 7.

  • Level : Advanced
  • Duration: 1h 45m
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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