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Scenic Environment Creation in Vue

Scenic Environment Creation in Vue : pluralsight

Download Scenic Environment Creation in Vue

in this post, you can have this Video Vue tutorial, Scenic Environment Creation in Vue by 3dmaxfarsi that will be creating a lake scene .

Whether natural or artificial, Landscape is full of elements such as mountains, lakes, trees, and more. , And making it really time consuming. In this series of tutorials we want to simulate a mountain and a lake with our unique ecosystem simulation software.

Check out its great tools like function editor, and export – Export. After preparing the initial model, work on Vue materialization and lighting, and Vue texturing rendering, and then final rendering after the ecosystem and atmosphere. Software required: Vue 10 and World Machine.

Topics include:

  1. A summary of Vue training
  2. Browse Vue Controllers
  3. Principles of Terrain Creation
  4. Sculpting terrain modeling
  5. Get Output to Exporting terrain 3ds max
  6. Eroding the terrain in World Machine
  7. Training material for terrain Creating materials terrain
  8. Creating the View Ecosystem Training Creating the ecosystem
  9. Training to build real atmosphere atmosphere
  10. Final project completion
  • Level : Advanced
  • Duration: 1h 40m
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

Download Scenic Environment Creation in Vue

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