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Science of Character Animation (15 Weeks)

Motion Design School – Science of Character Animation (15 Weeks) download

Motion Design School – Science of Character Animation (15 Weeks) free download

On this page you can see the full version of the Motion Design School – Science of Character Animation (15 Weeks) course. Improve your skills in motion graphics and animation.

In this training course, you will learn how to make a character animation with after effects, illustrator, and you will become fully acquainted with the workflow of character design and motion graphic creation. First, character design and gesture creation are done in Illustrator, and facial expressions are created. Then the animation settings are done in after effects and the key techniques for making character animation are examined. Topics such as secondary motion, gait cycle, gesture-to-gesture animation, and more are fully discussed in this course. Finally, the final editing of the animation is done in after effects.

In the Science of Character Animation course, you can learn valuable skills for attractive 2D graphic design of animated characters and, as much as possible, gain life from your 2D characters. Instructor of this course online; Mr. Markus and will teach you a set of principles of classic two-dimensional animation as well as cartoon character design. Brought, will share with you.

  1. Character Design. Part 1 Blocking Out a Character
  2. Character Design. Part 2 Adding Details
  3. Character Design. Part 3 Dynamic Character Posing
  4. Character Design. Part 4 Facial Expressions
  5. Storytelling Master the Story
  6. Setting up your Animation Rigging the Character
  7. Animation Techniques. Part 1 Key Animation Techniques
  8. Animation Techniques. Part 2 Key Animation Techniques
  9. Animation Techniques. Part 3 Secondary Motion
  10. Animation Nice Walk-cycles
  11. Animation Energetic Run Cycles
  12. Animation Pose to Pose
  13. Animation Facial Expressions & Lip Sync
  14. Animation Acting and Timing
  15. Animation Hand Animation & Gestures
  16. Animation Finalize your masterpiece
  • Lessons: 15
  • Duration: 9H
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

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