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Substance Designer: Creating Nonphotorealistic (NPR) Materials

Lynda – Substance Designer: Creating Nonphotorealistic (NPR) Materials downloads

Lynda – Substance Designer: Creating Nonphotorealistic (NPR) Materials free downloads

On This page you can download Substance Designer: Creating Nonphotorealistic (NPR) Materials, video course from Lynda with High Speed & Direct link.

Textures can very literally play a vital role in the success of any architectural visualization project helping us control, as they do, how our scene objects are perceived. And although photo realism is oftentimes the aim in such work, there are times when some projects will benefit from taking a more stylized approach to the visuals. The aim of this course then is to show how we can use the Substance Designer application to take already created realistic type material and convert that into a more stylized version of itself.

During the training, we will discuss some of the notes and options that can help make our work easier and that can be used to build flexibility into our material system. All of which we will do via a Substance archive that is provided in the downloadable exercise files folder as we will simply open up the Substance file at the start of the course and then continue to save our progress as we go from the exercise file. Without any further ado then, let’s get started and dive right in.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to use Adobe Substance Designer to convert a photo real image into a stylized, non-photo real material for use inside a visualization project. and enhance your skills for 3d+ animation, CAD, Game development, rendering

Substance Designer: Creating Non photo realistic (NPR) Materials Topics include:

  • Stylized textures in visualization
  • Looking at realistic material
  • Creating a shading mask
  • Making a shading lines
  • Alternative shape stroke mask
  • Stylizing a diffuse
  • Adding an outline
  • Adding sketch lines
  • Creating damage outline
  • Blending and masking
  • Adding a pattern selector
  • Creating a clean version
  • Duration: 43m 8s
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download Substance Designer: Creating Nonphotorealistic (NPR) Materials

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