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The Art of Lighting for Games

CG Master Academy – The Art of Lighting for Games download

CG Master Academy – The Art of Lighting for Games free download

On This page you can download The Art of Lighting for Games, video course from CG Master Academy with High Speed & Direct link.

By The End of This training Course, you learned the science and art of lighting and enhance your skills for video game lighting techniques with unreal engine.

Understanding light for digital environments: This course will demonstrate a practical approach to in-game/real-time lighting within the context of a production pipeline. We will be working in Unreal Engine, as it is an easily accessible platform, but the workflow and techniques will be presented in as much of a software-agnostic format as possible. This is because many studios use either proprietary or heavily modified engines that are unique or exclusive to that studio’s pipeline. These techniques will apply to any contemporary pipeline. The course will guide students through weekly examinations of different lighting scenarios, environments, and gameplay styles. The instructor will demonstrate his own lighting approach, and the workflow that he uses to get them from a conceptual state to a working playable level. All necessary scene files for each week will be provided.

Week 1 | Exterior Environment 1
Week 2 | Exterior Environment 2
Week 3 | Interior Environment 1
Week 4 | Interior Environment 2
Week 5 | RTS
Week 6 | MP vs. SP
Week 7 | Cut-Scenes: Environment Lighting
Week 8 | Cut-Scenes: Character Lighting
Week 9 | Final Project
Week 10 | Final Project (continued)

  • Duration: 30:20
  • Instant download high speed : Yes

Download CG Master Academy – The Art of Lighting for Games

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