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V-Ray Next: Unreal Engine Rendering

V-Ray Next: Unreal Engine Rendering free download

Lynda – V-Ray Next: Unreal Engine Rendering

V-Ray Next: Unreal Engine Rendering Topics include:

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Whenever I used to look through the awesome collection of photographic stills and animations being produced by V-Ray artists, there was always that little bit of an itch to want to get into the scene and take a look around for myself, choosing my own camera angles as it were. Something that you can’t of course do with a standard image or video file. With the introduction of panoramic lenses or cameras in V-Ray and 360 degree viewing software such as QuickTime VR, that itch was given a little bit of a scratch but of course, once you have looked in every direction from fixed position inside a rendered scene, the next thing that you naturally want to do is walk in every direction. And again, pick your own angles from which to view things which is one of the reasons why lots of V-Ray artists and designers these days are adding Unreal Engine four and V-Ray for Unreal to their creative toolkit.

Getting goals as they do, the potential to have the best of both worlds in terms of offline and real-time photographic rendering of the project. If we are a visualization artist of any flavor then, an interior or product designer or maybe even a hands-on architect, then V-Ray for Unreal may well be a tool that we would want to take full advantage of given the variety of options that it now opens up to us.

In this course from Lynda , then, we will explore how to work with V-Ray in Unreal as both a standard offline renderer that can be used to produce artfully photographic content from an Unreal scene. As well as that how we can also use it to create a high quality light bake that can then be used for real-time exploration of any project that we may be working on. If you like the sound of that, then lets dive into the course and start producing content using V-Ray for Unreal.

By The End of This tutorial, you can Explore the rendering workflow in V-Ray Next for Unreal, the game-changing render engine offering offline and real-time photographic rendering.

  • Handling UVs
  • Adjusting camera settings
  • Importing materials
  • Lighting in V-Ray Next
  • Working with V-Ray materials
  • Creating basic materials
  • Adjusting quality settings
  • Rendering elements
  • Compositing elements in After Effects
  • Using V-Ray Frame Buffer
  • Light baking in V-Ray Next
  • Level : intermediate
  • Duration: 2h 50m
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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