Total Textures V01R2 – General Textures

Total Textures V01R2 - General Textures

Download Total Textures V01R2 – General Textures

On This page, you can Download Total Textures V01R2 – General Textures from 3dtotal .

In this series of 3dtotal vray 3ds max materials, we have prepared General Textures for general and general materials collection.

This collection includes 188 types of materials and 1300 textures and handmade texture maps that can all be 3ds max! Of course each texture map, color map, bump map that is rough, specular, and so on has its own

We also put overlay masks for you so that your textures don’t look duplicate when you want to cover larger areas. With these 24 overlay masks and the 188 textures we’ve given you, you can build 4,500 different types of materials and play with just bumps or specular maps to get new materials.

Maps include dirt masks, shadow maps and 360-degree panoramic skydome maps. This wonderful collection can only be downloaded here.The 3DTotal texture DVDs gallery contains 32 images of the best 3D artists and artists, all available for download with a direct link.

contains the following:
• 1358 individually created maps
• 188 individual materials
• 58 bonus maps / masks
• 31 brick textures
• 16 cloth and fabric textures
• 20 ground textures
• 11 metal textures
• 18 paving textures
• 40 stone textures
• 8 tile textures
• 33 wood textures
• 11 miscellaneous textures
• 15 dirt masks
• 24 overlays
• 6 shadow maps
• 7 new skies
• 4 360 panoramic images
Download Total Textures V01R2 - General Textures

Product details

  • Texture format : jpg, tiff
  • Average texture resolution : 1200 x 900
  • Software : Compatible with all 3D software packages
  • Format : Digital Download

Download Total Textures V01R2 – General Textures


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