Total Textures V19 – Destroyed & Damaged

Total Textures V19 – Destroyed & Damaged

Download Total Textures V19 – Destroyed & Damaged

in This page you can Download Total Textures V19 – Destroyed & Damaged .

No texture can be imagined without the effects of contamination and possibly destruction, and we must certainly consider it part of the materialization process. In the real world, materials are destroyed by atmospheric conditions, long life spans, and even in war, by bullet impacts, and so on.

In this collection, (Total Textures V19 – Destroyed & Damaged) you can download any kind of material you need to create the destroyed scenes. Total Textures Ready Material Package No. 19 contains 130 types of Destroyed & Damaged Destructive Material, which is great for rendering realistic renderings, and especially for renderings you need for game play scenes.

All of the material in this collection is taken from real images and combined with computer images, and retouched and manually given the extra hand-painted details needed and all bullet and bullet impact effects – The effects of fire – vandalism, and even acid spills leaks have been applied to these materials.

If you want to have the war-torn environments left over from the destruction of war-torn environments, or any kind of special architectural scene, for your own game made by Unity,unreal engine, etc., definitely do this The collection helps you and you can ruin all of your metal scene materials, stone, and all kinds of wooden surfaces.

Tiff files are also considered as textures that you can use in the alpha channel and have all the basic mappings such as bump – specular map in this set.


Download Destroyed Texture Material for Unity – Unreal Engine – 3ds max

  • 130 types of material ready and complete individual images
  • 440 separate texture types individual texture maps
  • 11 Acid Damaged Surfaces
  • 27 types of bullet holes
  • 21 types of burnt and scorched burned materials
  • 6 different miscellaneous material types
  • 6 types of wood and paint surfaces
  • 28 destroyed shell trenches
  • 31 types of damaged windows
  • Texture format : jpeg, tiff,
  • Average texture resolution : 1600 x 1200
  • Interface : HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection
  • Software : Compatible with all 3D software packages

Download Total Textures V19 – Destroyed & Damaged


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