Total Textures V07R2 – Sci-fi

Total Textures V07R2 - Sci-fi

Download Total Textures V07R2 – Sci-fi

on This page, you can Download Total Textures V07R2 – Sci-fi From 3dtotal , collection of hand-crafted texture maps (clean, dirty and rusted, and many of the maps)

Making metal material is one of the simplest things in the world of computer graphics. They all have smooth surfaces that differ only in light reflection. And the only thing you need to do to make metal material is to define the texture and how it reflects light.

Of course, all metallic and glossy materials are non-diffuse, such as aluminum, titanium, and some, like copper and gold, can have some color. The common and important point in all of them is that light does not pass through them and there is no need to define the failure of reflective material.

In this section, we have prepared a complete package of all kinds of shiny metal materials, sculptures, hangers, and so on, which is the work of one of the oldest textile packing companies, 3dtotal.

In fact, the Total Textures V07: R2 – Sci-fi materials package contains 2573 types of hand-crafted texture maps of hard metal maps, each with a unique color map as well as a bump map, and in some specular and normal maps, and alpha maps are also included. Many of these maps have dirty rusted and rusted parameters applied in three different directions and you can create different and different textures by editing them.

on This page, you can Download Total Textures V07R2 – Sci-fi From 3dtota, that is made with excellent quality, realism and exceptional appearance Package . Ready to use in your 3d Architectural Projects, Animations, Game design, virtual reality and more …

Total Textures V07R2 - Sci-fi

The DVD contains the following:
• 642 individual materials
• 2573 individual textures
• 14 alien sign textures
• 17 control panel textures
• 8 logo textures
• 56 number textures
• 20 SS ‘set’ textures
• 30 TPOD ‘set’ textures
• 44 UNS ‘set’ textures
• 49 symbol textures
• 27 ceiling textures
• 16 container textures
• 26 damage textures
• 8 dirt maps
• 9 dish textures
• 32 door textures
• 31 floor textures
• 27 girder textures
• 11 gun flare textures
• 14 handle textures
• 13 hatch textures
• 9 hose textures
• 46 hull textures
• 12 material textures
• 13 rocket/engine textures
• 22 star and planet textures
• 29 tile textures
• 14 vent textures
• 44 wall textures
• 3 window textures

  • Texture format : jpg, tiff,
  • Average texture resolution : 1024 x 768
  • Software : Compatible with all 3D software packages
  • Format : Digital Download

Download Total Textures V07R2 – Sci-fi

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