Total Textures V14R2 – Fantasy

Download Total Textures V14R2 - Fantasy
Download Total Textures V14R2 – Fantasy

on This page, you can Download Total Textures V14R2 – Fantasy from 3dtotal .

Cartoon Textile Material: In this section we have prepared a collection of fantasy textures and fantasy textures that are very useful for 3D gaming with Unity or unreal engine . Developed by professional freelance artists and artists of this company.

Textures in this collection include custom bumps and a variety of specular and alpha specular – alpha maps, all 100% unique and truly unique.

Like many other fantasy scenes, many of the textures in the collection allow you to simulate historical and historical projects – certain architectural projects.

Download Total Textures V14R2 – Fantasy from 3dtotal with seamless bumps and many specular alpha maps .Total Textures V14R2 – Fantasy is Ready to use in your 3d Architectural Projects, Animations, Game design, virtual reality and more …

Total Textures V14R2 - Fantasy

Total Textures V14R2 - Fantasy free download


Total Textures V14R2 – Fantasy contains the following::

  • 850 completely different textures
  • 237 color texture color texture maps
  • 237 types of bump textures matching bump maps
  • 9 types of mapper for armor
  • 12 types of maple decorating particle armor decorations
  • 10 kinds of banner banners
  • 13 types of clothing clothing
  • 4 types of doors and gates
  • 16 types of ground textures
  • 24 types of textured embossed motifs
  • 22 types of scripts
  • 14 sky skies image
  • 20 types of vegetable vegetation picture
  • 22 types of weapons
  • 8 types of windows
  • 14 wall image types


Product details

  • Texture format : jpg, tiff,
  • Average texture resolution : 2048 x 1024
  • Software : Compatible with all 3D software packages

Download Total Textures V14R2 – Fantasy


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