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[Free] Chaos V-Ray 6.1 for Cinema 4D

Chaos V-Ray 6.1 for Cinema 4D free download

Chaos V-Ray 6.1 for Cinema 4D free download

Chaos V-Ray 6.1 for Cinema 4D

On this page, you can download the latest version of Chaos V-Ray 6.1 for Cinema 4D rendering plugin.

You can always get the latest version of VRay rendering plugin for Cinema Ford 3.70.05 along with tested cracks from this page.

QUALITY render quality: V-Ray plugin with all the light, shadow and rendering tools you need to create professional images, fantasy photos and animations.

POWER RENDERING POWER: Built to handle your biggest projects and your toughest scenes. Render everything with V-Ray.

Faster rendering SPEED: Spend less time waiting and more time creating. Do your best and don’t miss a single moment, via CPU or GPU, locally or over the network.

More creative control of the CREATIVE CONTROL render box: The V-Ray plugin puts you in the driver’s seat. You’re in control With V-Ray’s versatile features, you can choose the best method for your scene.

Better integration with Cinema Ford DEEP C4D INTEGRATION: V-Ray’s deep C4D integration keeps your workflow fluid and smooth, combining the best of both worlds [C4D and V-Ray]

Better Industry Standards: Independent artists and top studios choose V-Ray every day to create world-class designs and visual effects.

The new V-Ray 6.1 core: FAST CPU and GPU RENDERING SPEED: In V-Ray 6.1, all parts of the engine have been greatly increased. Super-optimized processor The processor brings V-Ray faster than ever before rendering, providing a complete and powerful toolkit for high-quality, high-resolution images and animation with V-Ray. V-Ray provides 100% physically correct tracking methods. In addition, V-Ray 6.1 now offers GPU-accelerated rendering options for frame preview and final rendering (for supported features – see FAQ page).

Simple use – NEW FULL AUTOMATIC SAMPLING: Simplicity is one of the best new features. V-Ray 6.1’s new auto-sampling with variance-based UV ray tracing technology dramatically improves artists’ work by eliminating the need to set up or adjust any complex settings – just select the GI engine type, render time, and start. interpretation Subsections, technical rendering settings, not everything needed in V-Ray 3.7.1. Advanced advanced rendering for CPU and GPU gives you an instant feedback on the result.

GLOBAL ILLUMINATION & ACCURATE LIGHTS: V-Ray uses accurate physical ray tracing methods to accurately calculate light and reflected light (GI), as we see it in reality, from accurate methods. We use detection. You can choose from several global lighting options – exact path tracking, approximate or a combination of both.

PHYSICAL LAYERED BRDF WITH NEW MATERIALS & SHADER: This plug-in for V-RAY for C4D provides the real world and multi-layered BRDF for creating high-end and physical materials. A variety of special BRFD materials gives you all the tools an artist can achieve to achieve the desired results.

Physical Cameras – VR Ready – 360° STEREO Cameras: The real-world V-Rays camera system makes you work like a photographer, offering all physical controls and providing accurate depth of field and cinematic motion blur. . The latest models of VR 360 stereo cameras allow you to access the latest VR technologies.

UNLIMITED EXPOSURE SPACE AND TRIPLANAR MAPPING: Our new UV tag brings UV channels to C4D. It allows you to use unlimited UVs in each shade for comprehensive control of UV mapping. The new Triplanar mapping feature provides a friendly art workflow to map models that have no UV mapping.

PROXIES and dealing with masking tools and material randomization: Render massive scenes with proxy objects. V-Ray proxies effectively replace complex scene geometry and load only at rendering time. By randomly changing shaders and materials, you can control color and texture changes to proxies and render samples.

NEW SKY MODES, RELEASE SPEED, AND FASTER VOLUME: V-Ray 6.1 offers several true sky models for realistic lighting of outdoor and indoor scenes, including atomic-mass Husk skies. Environmental fog is currently changing rapidly, and it is possible for any material to be clouds, fog, volume light, God’s rays, etc.

FULL MAXON HAIR, FUR, SPLINE AND GRASS RENDER SUPPORT: The V-RAYforC4D 6.1 plugin fully supports Maxon Hair using realistic 3D geometry using V-Ray’s effective compression hair methods. V-Ray BRDF hair makes hair shadow hair. Effects such as color base sampling, orange color and transparency are supported. It also includes V-RayFur and V-Ray FastFur.

NEW VFB WIN & OSX – LUT CONTROL, DENOISER AND LENS EFFECTS: Advanced VFB offers high-level tools such as color correction, exposure, white balance, LUT support, history, V-Ray lens effects and new V-Ray tools gives that can greatly increase the speed of providers. It is available on Windows and OSX.

New V-RAY CLIPPER, RENDER TIME BOOLEANS and MENDER RENDER Vray 6.1 offers a time clamp


Chaos V-Ray 6.1 for Cinema 4D free download

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