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[Free] SpeedTree Modeler 9.3.0 Cinema Edition Win x64

SpeedTree Modeler 9.3.0 Cinema Edition Win x64

SpeedTree Modeler 9.3.0 Cinema Edition Win x64

SpeedTree Modeler 9.3.0 Cinema Edition Win x64

SpeedTree® Cinema 9 launches with dozens of new features that deliver dramatically more realistic trees and plants, with major reductions to modeling time and effort. With a new, constantly expanding library of vegetation models (Including new field and forest models), SpeedTree Cinema 8 is the most advanced version we’ve ever released and is already being adopted by top VFX studios around the world.

INTRODUCING SPEEDTREE 9: Bring environments to life with powerful procedural modeling, cutting-edge photogrammetry workflows, and a new set of intuitive art tools. SpeedTree 9 is our most accessible toolkit yet, with integrations for every engine and affordable licensing options. Start creating today!

NEW IN SPEEDTREE 9: Photogrammetry Conversion
Convert photogrammetry scans into procedural models with the Mesh Converter, a new SpeedTree generator. Transform a scanned asset’s unique, photoreal details into efficient SpeedTree geometry, then use procedural tools to make endless edits and variations.

Freehand Creation: Craft an epic hero tree or fine-tune a collection of assets with Freehand Mode, designed to put artists in control. Hand-draw models, bend branches, sculpt key details, and edit down to a single vertex with an intuitive, visual toolset. Use Freehand Mode in concert with procedural generators to make custom edits and discover your own ideal workflow.

Models for Every Biome: Get started with dynamic models built for every biome. Browse a library of plants with infinite potential, PBR textures, built-in seasonal variations, and customizable wind settings.

Powerful Performance: Today’s AAA games and biggest blockbusters rely on SpeedTree. Manage complex wind, LODs, and rendering on a massive scale with the SpeedTree Games SDK and Cinema Engine. Included with Enterprise licenses, SpeedTree SDK and Engine tech is built for next-gen performance.

SpeedTree Modeler 9.3.0 Cinema Edition Win x64

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