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Cert Prep: Revit for Structural Design Professional

Cert Prep: Revit for Structural Design Professional free download

Lynda – Cert Prep: Revit for Structural Design Professional Download

On This page you can buy and download Cert Prep: Revit for Structural Design Professional, video course from Lynda, with High Speed & Direct link.

Revit Structure has been a separate part of the Autodesk certification program for a few years now. Although a good amount of questions on this test are non-discipline, basic Revit functions, many are specific to the functions that pertain specifically to the structural trade. If you go through this course I think you will find solid solutions to all the questions on the exam. Hi, I’m Eric Wing, and I have over 20 years experience in the engineering, architectural, construction and training industries. In this LinkedIn Learning course we will cover items that are assumed to be on the test.

The videos are organized in the manner in which the questions are being asked, but each test can be organized differently. This course is set up to deal with that, and you can easily jump to any video without having to watch other videos to lead up to it. We will start off with basic geometry as it pertains to foundations, floors, walls, framing and stairs. Then we’ll jump into looking at families and how they are portrayed on the exam. Then we’ll move to annotating, phasing, design options, work sharing and shared coordinates. If you’re looking to get Autodesk certified, I’m excited to help you. Let’s get started.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to Study to become an Autodesk Revit for Structural Design Professional. Brush up on the topics and skills you’ll need to ace the exam.

Cert Prep: Revit for Structural Design Professional Topics include:

  • Creating and modifying structural elements
  • Working with element materials
  • Managing family categories and types
  • Configuring dimension styles
  • Using detail components
  • Advanced view techniques
  • Creating schedules and sheets
  • Linking and importing files
  • Duration: 4h 46m
  • Skill Level : Intermediate
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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