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On This page you can download Revit for Visualization, video course, with High Speed & Direct link.

By The End of This training Course, you learned how to several methods of using Revit to create graphics to present a model, or graphically display information contained in a model.

Hi, I’m Bill Carney and welcome to Revit for Visualization. I decided to teach this course because of the increase in realtime rendering programs. As the ability to render has grown, so has the need to do more with Revit. What I hope you take away from this course is an understanding of how to create a graphic presentation image for just about any situation you’ll encounter in Revit. We’ll start by gaining an understanding of how Revit prioritizes graphics. Then, we’ll explore and hopefully master each of the available material properties.

We’ll take a look at some of Revit’s modification tools that can be use to change or modify elements in a view for graphic presentations. Finally we’ll wrap up by creating presentation graphics inside of Revit. I’m very excited to share these techniques with you and hope to help enhance your ability to get the most out of Revit. Let’s get started.

Revit for Visualization Topics include:

  • Graphic display hierarchy in Revit
  • Creating materials
  • Paint colors
  • Model patterns
  • Revit presentation tools
  • Working with parts
  • Making exploded isometrics
  • Annotating your view
  • Creating a 3D view from a detail
  • Creating graphic presentations
  • Duration: 2h 59m
  • Skill Level : Intermediate
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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