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Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and After Effects

Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and After Effects - pluralsight

Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and After Effects

Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and After Effects : In this Video tutorial by 3dmaxfarsi , you will learn all the skills and techniques needed to create live images using 3D elements. You learn how to incorporate 3D elements into your environments and create animation and then lighting and rendering in Maya.

First you get to know the important settings for DSLR cameras then go to the Maya environment and learn how to add 3D elements.

Then you will be looking at how to add light and render. The course also includes training projects that teach you how to create 3D live scenes using Maya and After Effects. You do not need to know specific information for this course because you will learn all the information about the course during the courses.

In this tutorial Compositing 3D into Video in Maya and After Effects, we’ll learn how to take the output from a motion tracker app into Maya, import a 3D model to light and render, then jump into After Effects to composite it with our original footage.

Software required: Maya 2010 and After Effects CS4 and up for project files .

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction and project overview
  2. Setting our image plane to test our tracked point cloud
  3. Locking our camera and Locators to the grid
  4. Importing our object and integrating it into the scene
  5. Creating ground plane geometry to cast shadows
  6. Bringing in our HDR environment and matching lighting
  7. Extending our ground plane and adding a curb
  8. Setting up our basic color layer and passes
  9. Creating a ground and object ambient occlusion layer
  10. Building our two shadow render layers for control
  11. Creating a color matte layer to capture different pieces
  12. Creating a motion vector layer and outputting it correctly
  13. Making final changes to our Render Settings and rendering
  14. Importing our footage and interpreting our images correctly
  15. Creating a basic composition workflow
  16. Matching our footage shadows using our shadow mattes
  17. Adding shadows to the sign using our ground layers
  18. Applying ambient occlusion with color correction techniques
  19. Applying our ambient occlusion to the sign
  20. Applying our ambient occlusion to the sign
  21. Compositing our sign color passes
  22. Using the color matte pass to create individual pieces
  23. Color correcting the sign, legs and base using effects
  24. Fixing the sandbags by replacing the image and heavy CC
  25. Creating a film look and rendering our final sequence
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Duration: 2h 23m
  • Instant download with high speed : Yes

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