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Total Textures V18 – “Sky Textures”

Total Textures V18 -

Total Textures V18 – “Sky Textures” (High resolution panorama textures)

in This page you can Download Total Textures V18 – “Sky Textures” From 3dtotal with high speed high .

On this page you can download Sky Textures images in panorama and high resolution panorama textures from Total Textures. Each 3D environment has a 3D environment.

Given the high resolution (over 17,000 * 5,000) you can use them as a background pass in Photoshop or other 3D renderer software directly.

In this package, different weather conditions are well combined with weather conditions ranging. From stormy and cloudy weather to clear and sunny skies. And of course, they were photographed at different times of the day.

In this package we have more than 101 different types of material that each texture is manually photographed and edited by Total Textures specialists and you will have the freedom to operate a totally flexible workflow and you can use them all Architectural projects, gaming and more.

The DVD contains the following:
Group 1:
• 16 Altostratus
• 8 Cirrostratus
• 14 Cirrus
• 6 Cumulus
• 5 Miscalleanous
• 14 Nimbostratus
• 3 Stratus
• 11 Stratocumulus
• 19 Statocumulus/Altocumulus
• 5 Stratocumulus/Mammatus

Group 2:
• 15 sunset/sunrise
• 7 stormy
• 20 clear
• 19 overcast
• 30 broken cloud
• 10 wispy

Download Total Textures V18 - "Sky Textures"

  • Texture format : jpeg, tiff
  • Average texture resolution : 17,430 x 5,137
  • Interface : HTML interface providing easy browsing and map selection
  • Software : Compatible with all 3D software packages

Download Total Textures V18 – “Sky Textures”

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